Youtube Adds new video Resolution option to Reduce Data usage

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YouTube has started rolling out advanced video-resolutions options in the YouTube app. They automatically set a video resolution based on data usage.

As a result, following the update, users will not be getting the usual 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution options in the YouTube app on Android and iOS. Instead, there will be advanced options such as higher-picture quality and data-saver that will set a video resolution automatically, depending on the data usage of a user.

YouTube, apart from a “Higher picture quality” mode and a “data saver” mode, also gives an “Advanced” option that lets users pick a specific video resolution just like before.

Now, the new resolution options will let users set the resolution of a video that they are currently watching. However, the changes do not apply to the other videos. Users can, however, set a default video resolution for all the videos by heading to “Settings -> Video quality preferences” in the YouTube app. There are options to set default video resolutions for both Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

The new YouTube video-resolution options are rolling out via a server-side update. As a result, updating your YouTube app may not necessarily bring these new options to your device.

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